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TreeCycle Wood Products

TreeCycle Wood Products
 is a wood processing company specializing in repurposing and recycling wood products for the energy, manufacturing and farming sectors. Our plant in Brantford, Ontario converts wood through a shredding and compression system into the environmentally-friendly Tree-Cycle Bio-Bric.

This 100% natural fuel source for furnaces and fireplaces is less-polluting than traditional energies such as coal and oil, both in the manufacturing and burning process. Unlike wood pellets, TreeCycle Bio-Brics do not require a special feeding system and are easy to stack and store. And what’s more, our repurposing of lumber and other wood products helps keep landfills free of tons of discarded wood, giving new life to a tree.

TreeCycle Technologies also produces Equilocks, a high-quality animal bedding (more here), and re-manufactures lumber and wood for packaging companies and retail stores. Deliveries available daily across Canada and US.

For pricing and details, please contact info@treecycletech.com or call (519) 752-WOOD (9663).


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