TreeCycle Bio-Brics

About TreeCycle Bio-Brics

The TreeCycle Bio-Bric is an eco-friendly energy source that gives clean, powerful heat — and is a less-polluting alternative to traditional sources of energy like oil and coal.

Made of 100% compressed wood chips, the TreeCycle Bio-Bric repurposes new and discarded wood products, and helps free up landfill space, extending the life cycle of a tree. What’s more, the Bio-Bric takes less energy to manufacture than the extraction of traditional energy sources.

The TreeCycle Bio-Bric can be used by consumers to heat homes in fireplaces or furnaces, and by industry to fuel product manufacturing. The long-burning Bio-Bric doesn’t require the special feeders that wood pellets do. ¬†They produce minimal ash, and have no fungus, mold or bugs, and are easy to store.

The TreeCycle Bio-Bric is available in handy bags of 10 bricks for consumer use, or, in bulk for industrial use. For information about pricing and delivery, please contact


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