Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions people ask us the most about our TreeCycle Bio-Brics and our Animal Bedding. If you don’t find what you’d like to know here, please drop us a line at info@treecycletech.com

The TreeCycle Bio-Bric

How is the TreeCycle Bio-Bric different than pellets?

The TreeCycle Bio-Bric has 85% less surface area than pellets, which means less moisture absorption — and that means a higher energy value per ton. The Bio-Bric doesn’t need a special feeding system installed for furnaces, like pellets do.

Who can use the TreeCycle Bio-Bric?

The TreeCycle Bio-Bric is perfect for people with wood stoves or any kind of wood-burning furnace, and its super-absorbency makes it ideal for soaking up any kind of liquid from oil to urine, water and spilled fuel. Companies can use it as fuel for large industrial furnaces that produce heat for buildings, and for industrial spills.  It’s ideal for co-generation plants that currently burn wood.

How are they sold?

TreeCycle Bio-Brics are generally sold by the ton on skids delivered by trailers or in individual 10Kg plastic bags (10 brics per bag). They can be picked up at our Brantford, Ontario facilities; for larger quantities, we can deliver anywhere in the US, Canada or Europe.

How much do they cost?

TreeCycle Bio-Briks come at different price levels depending on quantities being purchased. Contact us for details at info@treecycletech.com or call (519) 752-WOOD (9663)


Animal Bedding

What is Animal Bedding made of?

We use wood shavings and a unique, environmentally-friendly blend of chopped straw and wood fines.

Why is choosing the right bedding important?

The quality of bedding you choose can greatly impact your animal’s health and comfort. It’s important that animal bedding be absorbent and easy to move and store.

Who uses TreeCycle Equilocks Animal Bedding?

TreeCycle Equilocks is used for all types of domestic livestock including poultry, cattle, swine and equine. Our clients include cattle, veal and horse farms, horse stables, swine operations, poultry operations (chickens, turkey and geese) and more.

How is it sold?

TreeCycle Equilocks Animal Bedding comes in bags that are easy to transport. They come in formulas that include the following: regular mix, straight straw, straw and fine mix, straight shavings and straight fines.