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TreeCycle Wood Products

TreeCycle Wood Products converts high-quality wood and wood products into the environmentally-friendly trademarked bio-fuel, the TreeCycle Bio-Bric.

Based in Norwich, Ontario, TreeCycle Wood Products are also leading manufacturers of premium animal bedding and wood mulch.

For more information, send us an email at: info@treecyclewood.com.


TreeCycle Bio-Brics

An eco-friendly heating source made of 100% pressed wood from carefully selected, high-quality lumber and other wood products. The TreeCycle Bio-Bric burns hot for hours, emitting lower levesl of Co2 than traditional energy sources. They stack and store easily, and don’t need special feeders like pellets do. Find out more here.

Animal Bedding

Our top-grade animal bedding using wood shavings, and an environmentally friendly blend of chopped straw and wood fines. Fluffy, absorbent, and makes any stall look its best. Great for composting too. Find out more here.

Wood Mulch

TreeCycle Wood Products produces top quality, wood mulch for multi-use purposes.